Producing the layout

So, the next step was to produce a book layout. The Tate Project Manager did so quite quickly. She and I rearranged some of the illustrations and then we were done!

At this point the publisher required a final sign-off which I was pleased to provide. We went to print! Wow!

A gentleman from Tate contacted me to introduce how sales could be arranged. There is a range of sales arrangements from the lowest profitability which is sales through book stores through e-book cards, sales by the publisher and up to the highest end which is sales by the author.

A key thing is the author’s willingness and ability to make presentations at book stores, coffee shops, schools, churches, book clubs and any other similar venue.

I used to be very nervious about making public presentations. This was during my first career as an engineer offering highly technical discussions to very critical audiences. Over time I learned two key lessons. The first was that I needed to remind myself that the audience was not my judge. They were there to listen to what I had to say and wanted to learn and participate. Second, and you may have difficulty understanding this, my greatest fear was women in the audience. A male-thing? I don’t know. But I learned to mingle with the audience before the presentation. I spoke trivia with the women in the front row. The ice was broken. I made presentations to a thousand people at a time; I made presentations on TV. I learned that there is nothing to fear.

Here’s a hint. Look at your audience and ask: “I’m not that good at this. How do you think I should tell you about my book?” They will be hooked! The conversation will flow.

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