Kind Words

Some kind words people have said about the book…

From the darkness of Christmas Eve to the sun-filled banks of the Delaware River this author, David Child, takes the reader away from the humdrum and into a fanciful light.

A world of reciprocated good deeds and love is illuminated as being a site of unexpected adventures. The reader will enjoy the twists and turns of believing and caring; taking them from predictability to unreachable zones.

In this Santa’s realm you must forget the reigns; you will be steered.

— Frank T. Lyman, Jr., PhD

WOW! I opened the mail and just thought I would glance at a couple of pages then read the rest after dinner. It didn’t happen! Like a sliding board in a park you can’t stop until you reach the end….and then you want more.

TV, movies, books and even conversation have things in common; repetition and boredom.

Your book goes back to a tried and true formula; IMAGINATION. What a novel approach. It’s a book where I was not peeking for the ending, but enjoying the trip, not wanting it to end.

Great job David, you should be very proud.

— Jim McGinniss, Sculpture, Author

A re-imagining of the Santa legend for our time, in stories of wit and fantasy.
— R.S., New York, NY

Ever wonder what Santa does the rest of the year? Children and their parents will read with wonder of this secret side of Santa.
— T.M., Carversville, PA

It’s amazing! – I’m sharing it with all my friends.
— T.C. (age 10) NB