Getting started…

This is the first time I’ve tried writing a book so please be forgiving and offer suggestions. As we progress, and as I learn, I’ll be including useful anecdotes, because this is a chronicle of the birth and life of a book, It includes the good and the less than good, starting before the first word was written and ending sometime in the future after the edits, rewrites, more edits, more rewrites, illustrations, cover design, publicity, marketing and, hopefully nice sales numbers are all done. Much of what will be chronicled has not yet happened so we might be learning together. We may share this experience together.

In any event this will become my step by step description of how a book has been developed and brought to being published. A diary, a history and a manual.

I’m David Child. You probably don’t know much about me. That’s okay.

I’m stunned that this could have happened. I’m having this first book published. You might think, well so what? A million books are published every year, but, I’m told, my experience has been somewhat out of the ordinary. So, if you have an interest in this author’s chain of events, there is much for me to describe.

Follow along on the story behind the story…

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