Story Excerpts

SANTA VISITS (Not What You Expect)

There are four stories in this one book;  “Some Unusual Things,” “Easily Surprising,” “How Lucky Could I Be,” and the last story, “TOES.”

Excerpted from: Some Unusual Things

Santa Claus was looking more relaxed. I suddenly thought of the reindeer outside and offered to take some water.

I stepped back into the cold night with a bucket of clear fresh water. The deer, waiting there, were even more restless, still eager to fly. The first deer, Lead’Deer, gratefully took a long drink of water and then passed the bucket to the next reindeer. Passed the bucket! How do reindeer pass a bucket? I watched it! I saw it! I could not believe my eyes.

Shaking my head at this magical sight, I walked back inside.

Santa Claus was almost napping, but he woke as soon as I stepped through the door.

“I wish,” he said quietly, “that everyone could celebrate Christmas at Christmas but, even more, would continue to spread the goodness and giving throughout the year. I think everyone would be happier, and it would be a small gift to me.”

Excerpted from: Easily Surprising

Within a minute, the sleigh and I were thousands of feet in the air. We raced to the east. Just before the New York City skyline, we spun completely around and rushed toward the approaching storm. It was incredibly beautiful but fearsome as well. Clouds with the color of charcoal were rolling as high as I could see. Across the top was a narrow strip of gold as the sun tried to peer over the challenging storm.

We flew to within just an arm’s reach of the storm. I could lean sideways and touch it. It was a breathtaking sight to behold from so close—the thickness, the churning, and the clashing of thunder and lightning.

Excerpted from: How Lucky Could I be?

I love to fish. I know a certain special place where fishing is, I think, unbelievably good. I had gathered my fishing pole and canvas bag filled with a sandwich, bottle of water, and fisihing equipment. I hiked through nearly half a mile of thick, beautiful forest and prickly brush.

It is a small lake completely surrounded by hills, trees and brush to the water’s edge. There is just one small, stoney beach. I find my way there tree by tree.

I have never seen anyone at the lake. There has never been anyone on the small, stoney beach. On this day, I pushed my way through the brush to the stoney beach and stepped out in front of the water to see a very large man in a checkered shirt and faded, old jeans.

I hesitated for a moment and stood still.

Excerpted from: TOES

“We will walk into the breeze, however soft it might be,” said the tiny heroine.

We slowly walked forward, bumping, pitching and rocking.

After a not-so comfortable journey, we stepped suddenly into a wide meadow of tall grass, swaying in a warm breeze. We carefully moved toward the comforting rays of sunshine.

The bats (which had been annoying us) disappeared.

We were completely surrounded and sheltered by the tall blades of grass. We continued forward, glad that this rather frightful adventure seemed to be over.

Or was it?