Bucks County Herald: Child’s play

Solebury businessman writes a children’s book

By David Campbell
From the February 7, 2013 edition of the Bucks County Herald

David Child isn’t much interested in TV after 7:30 p.m. He and wife Vicky are big fans of “Jeopardy,” but once Alex Trebek signs off for the evening, David Child heads into the couple’s office to write.

The engineer by trade and business owner – the Childs own two UPS Stores (Buckingham and New Hope) and Masterpiece Shipping, an international fine art shipping enterprise – will release his first book in a few months. “I’ve always enjoyed writing,” Child said. “I’ve always had fun with it.” Child’s first entry into the writing world is still without a title, though “Santa Visits” is a possibility.  A June release date is planned.

“I created a story about an ordinary man, an ordinary guy who actually met Santa Claus, face to face,” Child said. Child weaves four characters (the average man, Santa, Santa’s lead reindeer and a nameless fairy) into four stories that correspond with the four seasons. “They get into some kind of interesting adventures,” Child said. The four stories (in one book) are somewhat related, he said, but “they have no connection to Christmas at all.” In the first story, for instance, the ordinary guy, who is a printer by day, meets Santa for the first time. Child describes how the two meet and strike up a relationship. “These are stories parents or grandparents would like to read to children,” Child said. “But I think the stories are just a little tiny bit provocative, in terms of … children can ask questions. For example, how could Santa’s sleigh land an hour before it took off? It’s that kind of thing.”

Child said he wrote the first story a couple years ago, put it into a letter and sent it to his cousin’s grandchildren – and they loved it. Feeling inspired, he penned the second story, then the third and finally the fourth, and, at the urging of a friend, sent it to Tate Publishing and Distributing, one of the world’s largest full service book publication and production companies, and two weeks later, he had a book deal. “I was stunned,” said Child, knowing full well rejection letters are the norm. Child’s stories will be supplemented by “pencil” illustrations. And Child isn’t finished writing, either. He is already under way on his second book, due out within the following year. He’s about halfway done book No. 2, which includes the same characters but with different themes. “The first two stories are about Christmas and it relates to children and what their expectations are and how those expectations can be met,” Child said.

“But it’s in no way a religious themed book. I did not want to do that.” Child’s first book is expected to be distributed globally. Tate has agreed to book sales with the largest distributor in the world, Ingram Content Group. Sales will be arranged through Amazon.com and BarnesAndNoble.com, among other websites. It will also be carried at local places of business. The Solebury resident has a diverse resume. In addition to a fulfilling career as an engineer, he has served on the board of the Greater New Hope Chamber of Commerce and was chairman of the New Hope Summer Wine Faire, and while he is no longer active on the board of the Friends of the Delaware Canal, he remains dedicated as a “Canal Tender” for the organization.

Child teams up with local Girl Scouts every April for a thorough clean-up along the canal from Phillips Mill to Rabbit Run. So when does Child find time to write a book? “I make time,” he said, “because I enjoy it so much.” Child credits his wife, his other half – and “better” half. “She is a better writer than I am,” he said. “I come up with these weird ideas and then she takes my writing and hacks it to death and makes it better. It’s a nice team effort.”


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