Getting started…

This is the first time I’ve tried writing a book so please be forgiving and offer suggestions. As we progress, and as I learn, I’ll be including useful anecdotes, because this is a chronicle of the birth and life of a book, It includes the good and the less than good, starting before the first word was written and ending sometime in the future after the edits, rewrites, more edits, more rewrites, illustrations, cover design, publicity, marketing and, hopefully nice sales numbers are all done. Much of what will be chronicled has not yet happened so we might be learning together. We may share this experience together.

In any event this will become my step by step description of how a book has been developed and brought to being published. A diary, a history and a manual.

I’m David Child. You probably don’t know much about me. That’s okay.

I’m stunned that this could have happened. I’m having this first book published. You might think, well so what? A million books are published every year, but, I’m told, my experience has been somewhat out of the ordinary. So, if you have an interest in this author’s chain of events, there is much for me to describe.

Follow along on the story behind the story…

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Video Promo


A short video promo for my book, by the publisher, Tate Publishing.

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Producing the layout

So, the next step was to produce a book layout. The Tate Project Manager did so quite quickly. She and I rearranged some of the illustrations and then we were done!

At this point the publisher required a final sign-off which I was pleased to provide. We went to print! Wow!

A gentleman from Tate contacted me to introduce how sales could be arranged. There is a range of sales arrangements from the lowest profitability which is sales through book stores through e-book cards, sales by the publisher and up to the highest end which is sales by the author.

A key thing is the author’s willingness and ability to make presentations at book stores, coffee shops, schools, churches, book clubs and any other similar venue.

I used to be very nervious about making public presentations. This was during my first career as an engineer offering highly technical discussions to very critical audiences. Over time I learned two key lessons. The first was that I needed to remind myself that the audience was not my judge. They were there to listen to what I had to say and wanted to learn and participate. Second, and you may have difficulty understanding this, my greatest fear was women in the audience. A male-thing? I don’t know. But I learned to mingle with the audience before the presentation. I spoke trivia with the women in the front row. The ice was broken. I made presentations to a thousand people at a time; I made presentations on TV. I learned that there is nothing to fear.

Here’s a hint. Look at your audience and ask: “I’m not that good at this. How do you think I should tell you about my book?” They will be hooked! The conversation will flow.

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The stories, the book

The book is a collection of four related children’s stories under the Title of: SANTA VISITS (Not What You Expect).

If I speak the words “SANTA VISITS” I know what immediately comes into your mind…. don’t I?

But then adding the phrase “Not what you expect” creates possibilities.

I used to make up stories in the car for my son’s entertainment. Long before “Santa Visits.”

In the car, headed for kindergarten, I’d ask for: a name or thing; something you wouldn’t expect; the weather; a color and a number. I had ten minutes to create a story which included each of the above. We almost always got done before time ran out. See more ›

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Bucks County Herald: Child’s play

David Child and his wife, Vicky, are always keeping busy. David Child has recently found much joy in writing.

Solebury businessman writes a children’s book

By David Campbell
From the February 7, 2013 edition of the Bucks County Herald

David Child isn’t much interested in TV after 7:30 p.m. He and wife Vicky are big fans of “Jeopardy,” but once Alex Trebek signs off for the evening, David Child heads into the couple’s office to write.

The engineer by trade and business owner – the Childs own two UPS Stores (Buckingham and New Hope) and Masterpiece Shipping, an international fine art shipping enterprise – will release his first book in a few months. “I’ve always enjoyed writing,” Child said. “I’ve always had fun with it.” Child’s first entry into the writing world is still without a title, though “Santa Visits” is a possibility.   See more ›

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