Santa Visits Not What You Expect

A New Children's Book by David Child.

WELCOME! This is the site for the upcoming children’s best-selling book named SANTA VISITS.

This book is four short stories, with pencil illustrations, about an average person actually meeting Santa Claus.  The four stories coincide with the four seasons and refer to Christmas only slightly, however, Santa Claus does bring some magic.  There are also contrasts such as being able to surf a thunderstorm and flying under a river (not under water, under the river).  A further contrast may be noticed between the earthy "somewhat blue-collar" style of the first story about the first visit, when a friendship is formed, and the last story which is laced with more fanciful ideas.

There are three main characters which are the “Printer” who is the story teller, Santa Claus and a nameless, stunningly beautiful, fairy.

Published by Tate Publishing “America’s Top Publisher.”
Worldwide Distribution by Ingram Content Group.